An Artisanal Blend of Vice and Virtue

Bloomery Plantation Distillery SweetShines Joins the Fest!
On a 12-acre parcel in Charles Town, WV, a charming mini-distillery making artisan cordials by hand from the  farm’s own lemons and raspberries.
A few of the resulting SweetShines include chocolate raspberry, peach, raspberry lemon, and “Moonshine Milkshake Cremma Lemma.”
Bloomery Distillery is named for the Shenandoah Bloomery, near Charles Town, the first ironworks west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the first in present West Virginia.  A bloomery was a cheaper, simpler way to produce iron than by using a blast furnace and developed a spongy iron. Bloomeries were mostly used in frontier settlements.
This bloomery also held the honor of the largest bootlegging operation in the area. More illegal ‘shine came through this one tiny hamlet than in any other area in the state.
Bloomery has won numerous awards for their products, including Silver in the New York World Spirits Competition, Double Gold in the San Francisco World Spirit Competition, two Golds from the Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America, and Silver from the American Distilling Institute.
And yes, you will be able to taste their offerings, and buy a bottle at the George Washington Whiskey Rebellion Fest, brought to you by the Community Trust Fund – opens 6.00 pm, Friday June 8 at the Allegany Museum, Pershing St Cumberland MD. Tickets (early bird price) are available at local bookstores in Cumberland and Frostburg, and online here