Whiskey Rebellion Fest visitors to be treated with a preview of Allegany Museum’s new permanent exhibit “Crossroads of America”

Guests at the George Washington Whiskey Rebellion Fest, brought to you by the Community Trust Foundation, will be able to take an exclusive guided tour of Allegany Museum’s new permanent exhibition, Crossroads of America. This exciting opportunity is made possible by Carl Belt Inc.

The Crossroads of America exhibition traces the history of human movement through Cumberland and Allegany County. It is being created in the beautifully renovated old Post Office space on the first floor of Allegany Museum, Pershing Street Cumberland MD.

Transmedia Design is designing and fabricating the exhibition. Chris Sloan, owner of Transmedia Design, will lead the preview tour. Chris has created exhibits all over the world.

“The history of this region is so rich,” Sloan says. “Our problem is going to be how to tell the rich story in a relatively small amount of space.”

Plans for the approximately 4,500 square foot space include an Indian hut, a model of Fort Cumberland, models of what George Washington looked like when he visited our area in the 1750s, and in 1794, and displays about the National Road, the C&O canal, and the railroads.

“We’re going to make the exhibit as interactive as possible,” says Vic Rezendes, vice president of the Allegany Museum. “Modern museum exhibits are less about artifacts and more about the experience.”

As they move through the exhibition, visitors will “travel” the Trail, the Road, the C&O towpath, and the rails. “What better way to understand what it was like to travel through the County than to take on the identity of someone who did that?” says Sloan. “We want to create a fun learning experience that will keep visitors coming back for more.”

Visitors taking the tour during the Whiskey Rebellion Fest will follow Chris Sloan as he describes and illustrates each “stop” in the exhibition. They will also see large artifacts that are already in place, including a Conestoga wagon, a horse-drawn carriage, and early automobiles.

The Museum is seeking other artifacts to help tell the story. Gary Bartik, Allegany Museum President, says “This is a great time for the community to come forward with artifacts they might have in their homes. We’re looking for historical artifacts to help us show what life was like before European settlers, as well as from the days of the French and Indian War, Fort Cumberland, and the building of the canals, the National Road and the railroad.”

The preview tour is free to ticket-holders to the George Washington Whiskey Rebellion Fest. There are still a few Fest tickets available, but they are going fast. Tickets include the exclusive Crossroads of America preview tour, tastings of whiskey and other spirits, beers, and wines, an open beer and wine bar, continuous luscious canapes, Colonial pub games, and much more.

The Fest opens Friday June 7, 6-10pm, Allegany Museum, 3 Pershing St Cumberland MD. The preview tour will begin promptly at 6:30 pm.

Early bird tickets are only $50 ($75 at the door). Purchase through the Whiskey Rebellion Facebook page, or www.whiskeyrebellioncumberland.com, or purchase at the Book Center, Cumberland, or Main St Books, Frostburg.

All proceeds go to keeping Allegany Museum open and telling the great stories of our region.