Allegany Museum

Located in downtown Cumberland over two floors of a fully-restored early 20th century building, the Allegany Museum is at the heart of Canal Place, Maryland’s first certified heritage area.

Allegany Museum weaves together stories of exploration and transportation at this crossroads through the Ohio and Mississippi watersheds that link the East Coast and the American West.

Washington spent significant time in the Cumberland area. He first traveled to Allegany County in 1748 in search of the origin of the Potomac River. In his early twenties, as an aide to General Braddock, he led troops from Fort Cumberland to join the French and Indian War.

As President and Commander in Chief, in 1794 Washington returned a fifth and final time to rally the troops at Fort Cumberland to put down the Whiskey Rebellion. The Museum commemorates this each year at its Whiskey Rebellion Fest, second Friday in June.

2019 will see the completion of the Crossroads of America exhibition, which covers most of the first floor.

Museum Vice President Vic Rezendes says: “This will be a banner year for the museum because most of our long planned projects are coming to fruition.  We are especially excited about our new a state-of-the-art new exhibit focused on Cumberland’s colonial period and transportation history.  This exhibit, which is currently being installed, will be a big game changer for the museum.  It will put us in a National Class Museum status.”

The Museum is open from April through December, Tuesday- Saturday 10 to 4, and Sunday 1 to 4.  Admission is free, and donations are encouraged.

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