Tenth Ward says Yes! to the 2018 Fest

The George Washington Whiskey Rebellion Cumberland Committee is tickled to announce that Tenth Ward Distillery will be joining us at the 2018 Whiskey Rebellion Fest!
As well as distilling outstanding spirits, including whiskies from rye as well as corn, and Applejack, an apple brandy aged in used bourbon barrels, Tenth Ward is contributing to the preservation of civil war history.
The distiller has collaborated with the National Museum of Civil War Medicine to provide a series of three events relating to the use of brandy in the operating rooms and hospital wards of the conflict.
Unfortunately, the first event of the series has already taken place, but two more events are to come.Go to https://www.tenthwarddistilling.com for more information.
And sample their products at the 2018 Whiskey Rebellion Fest, June 8, at the Allegany Museum, 3 Pershing St, Cumberland MD.