The Whiskey Rebellion Festival will not overlook sweet-tooths!

At the 2017 Allegany Museum Whiskey Rebellion Fest, Friday June 9, 6 to 11 pm at the Allegany Museum, brought to you by the Community Trust Foundation, visitors can sample whiskey, moonshine, rum, and gin from 12 small batch distillers and the producers of Maker’s Mark, and purchase bottles of their favorites to take home.

Two additions to this year’s Fest will also cater to those who like a little sugar in their lives!

Guests will enjoy brown sugar and bourbon ice-cream brought to the Fest by the Queen City Creamery, as well as the canapes provided by Good Carma Catering.

Basecamp Coffee Co. has created special coffee ‘cocktails’ that they will make to order at the Fest. They will also be offering regular coffee made from beans roasted at their micro roastery.

Basecamp Coffee Co. coffee and coffee ‘cocktails’ will also feature at the Allegany Museum Whiskey Rebellion Celebration, noon to 6 pm Saturday June 10, at Canal Place.

For more information, contact [email protected], or call the Museum on (301) 777-7200.

Hayden Ort-Ulm with his coffee roaster