Twin Valley Distillers, of Rockville MD, join the Fest!

The George Washington Whiskey Rebellion Fest, brought to you by the Community Trust Foundation, is proud to feature Twin Valley Distillers, of Rockville MD.

Twin Valley Distillers’ main products are Jamaican style rums, Vodkas, Corn Whiskeys, and Maryland’s first bourbon actually produced in Maryland. The distillery has the distinction of being the first to operate in Montgomery County since the end of Prohibition.

Edgardo Zuniga, from Costa Rica, is Founder and CEO of Twin Valley Distillers. His wife, who is Jamaican, despaired of the quality of local rums. He decided to leave more than a decade in the restaurant industry all behind, primarily out of a determination to make a better rum.

Twin Valley’s Seneca Bay Rum is a traditional-style an unaged white rum with a slightly sweet finish. Aside from the rum, Twin Valley produces rye and bourbon whiskies, liqueurs, Lord Whimsy Gin, and Norbeck Vodka (a wheat vodka).

The Fest opens at 6 pm, Friday June 7, in the grand ballroom at Allegany Museum, 3 Pershing St, Cumberland MD, and closes at 10. Your ticket to the Whiskey Rebellion Fest entitles you to sample Twin Valley’s offerings, along with offerings from a dozen other whiskey, gin, brandy and vodka producers, and craft beers. 

Ticket holders enjoy live Colonial games, mingle with re-enactors, get souvenir photos, and take home a goody bag. You will be provided with an open beer and wine bar, and continuous delicious canapes by Good Carma Catering.

Only $50 per ticket ($75 at the door). Purchase through the Whiskey Rebellion Facebook page or buttons on this site, or purchase at the Book Center, Cumberland, or Main St Books, Frostburg.