Fort Cumberland Kids’ Activities planned for Whiskey Rebellion Celebration June 10

For the very first time, the Allegany Museum Whiskey Rebellion Festival, brought to you in 2017 by the Community Trust Foundation, will be offering children’s activities at the Whiskey Rebellion Celebration, Canal Place 12 noon to 6 pm, Saturday June 10. The Celebration is the family event that will follow the adults-only Whiskey Rebellion Fest at Allegany Museum, 6 to 11 Friday June 9.
The kids’ activities, provided by the Allegany Museum Education Committee, will focus on the history of Fort Cumberland, and George Washington’s times at the Fort.
The First Virginia Regiment, who will be performing during the afternoon, will station themselves near the children’s area. They will provide some wooden guns for children to ‘drill’ with, and talk about the history of their regiment with the kids.
Children will be given a ‘Footprints of Washington in Cumberland’ map which they can use to trace Washington’s movements with their families or on tours that will originate from the children’s tent at 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm. Suzanne Trussell, local archaeologist and museum specialist, will lead the walking history tours that will leave from the children’s area. Children will receive a Tour Passport to Fun which they can turn in when completed to receive a special reward.
A scale model of Fort Cumberland will be displayed near the children’s tent. In the tent, kids will be able to build forts from Lincoln Logs, and color historical pictures and complete word puzzles and searches in a specially printed souvenir booklet. They will also be given a Fort Cumberland cardboard Model Bastion to build. When completed, the model will look like one of the bastions of Fort Cumberland, and have cannons, soldiers, and George Washington on horseback, all in color.
Just next to the children’s tent, interactive re-enactor Melissa Clark will teach children about how our pioneer ancestors did candle dipping by guiding them to make their own candle to take home.
All of these activities are free. While the children are enjoying themselves, their parents will be able to enjoy the entertainment on stage, beginning at noon with historic sketches from the Embassy Theatre, and closing at 5 with the Cumberland Theater’s excerpts from the Broadway hit, Hamilton.
Food, drink, and other amusements, such as a green screen so you can be photographed ‘in’ historical scenes, will fill the Canal Place grounds with fun.
For more information, contact [email protected], call 301-777-7200, or visit the Whiskey Rebellion Cumberland website at

Reagan McKay points out some of the many details in the Ft Cumberland model that will be on display at the Whiskey rebellion Celebration